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How to Order

About I-Do-ID

I-do-ID is part of Reprah Sales Pty Limited (ABN 65 108 180 838). Since 2001, we have specialised in manufacturing printed-on-plastic and other forms of ID. 

I-do-ID does not practice or condone any form of spam marketing. All names and other details supplied for the purpose of manufacturing name badges or id cards are used for that purpose only and are not retained or on-sold for marketing or any other purpose.

To Contact I-Do-ID

  • post to PO Box 4042, Denistone East, NSW, 2112

  • phone 0418 231 364

  • fax 02 9438 3634

  • or email: sales @ idoid.com

Order Quantities

  • For button badges, the minimum order is fifty. 

  • For lapel pins, the minimum order is 100.

  • For all other badges and id tags, there is no minimum order. Small orders may incur a once-only setup charge. After the initial shipment, there is  no restriction on order size and no surcharge for small quantities.

Australia Only

We currently only supply to Australia and New Zealand. 

Common Fonts

We can manufacture IDs using any font that you choose but we find that most requirements can be met from the following selection:   

San Serif (Arial):
Serif (Times New Roman):
Script (Lucida Calligraphy):
Rounded (Pump):
Casual (Forte):
Condensed (Gill Sans):
Antique (Edwardian):
Bold (Cooper):

Graphic File Formats

Graphics supplied in common formats like .jpg or embedded in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)  or Microsoft Word documents are fine. We can also usually accept graphics in any of the following formats: 
(Not every release of every programs actually produces the format as expected - so we can't guarantee that we can definitely use any file with one of these extensions.)

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator Version 7.0 or later)

  • .bmp (Windows bitmap)

  • .cdl (CADlink)

  • .cmf or.cmx (Corel)

  • .dah (Dahedi)

  • .dcs (DesignCAD)

  • .dib (bitmap)

  • .dwg (Generic CAD or MonuCAD)

  • .dxf (AutoCAD)

  • .emf (enhanced metafiles)

  • .eps or .ps  (encapsulated postcsript)

  • .esw (EasySign)

  • .fc, .fd, .fe, .fs or .pd (Flexisign)

  • .gc1, .gc2 or .gc3 (GCode 1, 2 or 3)

  • .gca (Graphix Advantage 6)

  • .gtp (LetterArt) 

  • .jpg (common)

  • .job (EuroCUT)

  • .log (H-square logos)

  • .pcd (Photo CD)

  • .pdf (Adobe)

  • .pcx (PC Paintbrush bitmap)

  • .prn (Corel 3)

  • .psd (Photoshop)

  • .plt (HPGL plots)

  • .sbd (SignBlazer)

  • .scv (CASmate)

  • .sm (SignMate)

  • .tga (Targa)

  • .thz (ThermaZine)

  • .tif. .tiff (common)

  • .ve (Sign Studio)

  • .wpg (Word Perfect graphics)

  • .wmf (Windows metafiles)

If you can't send us a digital graphic, or would prefer to send a print, there may be a small scanning fee for each photo or graphic. We can also design graphic elements for you, if that is your preference. Be sure to specify the colours and fonts you want us to use and, of course, include your contact information and shipping address.

Colour Names

Many colours have a variety of names and often the same name is used for different shades. The names which we use are given in the table below. (Note that not all computer screens will display all colours the same.)

Common Name PMS Name RGB  
Aqua 3255 47D6C1  
Aquamarine 3278 009B84  
Beige 155 F4DBAA  
Black Black 000000  
Azure Blue 549 5E99AA  
Bright Blue Process Blue 0091C9  
Dark Blue 289 002649  
Heraldic Blue 286 0038A8  
Light Blue 291 A8CEE2  
Medium Blue Reflex Blue 0C1C8C  
Navy Blue 282 002654  
Process Blue Process Blue 0091C9  
Reflex Blue Reflex Blue 0C1C8C  
Royal Blue 281 002868  
Light Brown 464 876028  
Brown 731 5A2C01  
Dark Brown 477 633826  
Red Brown 477 633826  
Burgundy 202 8C2633  
Caramel 154 995905  
Charcoal 431 5D5D5D  
Crimson 222 70193D  
Gold 130 EAAF0F  
Athletic Gold 115 FFCC00  
Metallic Gold 871 CC9901  
Forest Green 342 006B54  
Green Pantone Green 3A7728  
Dark Green 350 234F33  
Kelly Green 348 008751  
Khaki 453 D6CCAF  
Lime Green 375 8CD600  
Medium Green 347 009E60  
Tartan Green 357 215B33  
Grey 424 827F77  
Lilac 251 E29ED6  
Maroon 222 70193D  
Navy 281 002868  
Ochre 124 E0AA0F  
Orange 165 F96302  
Bright Orange 151 F77F00  
Dark Orange 165 F96302  
Pink 211 FF77A8  
Hot Pink Rhodamine Red ED0091  
Light Green 355 009E49  
Purple Pantone Purple  BF30B5  
Dark Purple 527 7A1E99  
Bordeaux Red 209 75263D  
Bright Red 185 E8112D  
Deep Red 199 D81C3F  
Light Red 485 D81E05  
Rubine Red Rubine Red D10056  
Rhodamine Red Rhodamine Red ED0091  
Union Jack Red 485 D81E05  
Scarlet Red 032 FF0000  
Warm Red Warm Red F93F26  
Rust 471 BC5E1E  
Metallic Silver 877 827B95  
Tan 4655 C49977  
Teal 320 009EA0  
Turquoise 312 00ADC6  
Violet Violet 663399  
White White FFFFFF  
Dark Yellow 116 FCD116  
Deep Yellow 123 FFC61E  
Medium Yellow Pantone Yellow FCE016  
Lemon 101 F9F057  



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