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Easy Order Badge IDs

This is the easiest, quickest and most economical way to design,
select and order  badge IDs!

The badges that you receive will be of top quality, printed in full colour on durable plastic, with a domed epoxy overlay giving a very professional-looking, scratch-resistant finish.  

Note: We currently ship only to Australia.

To order, just follow the eight simple steps below.


1. Choose one of our most popular styles of name badges:

White (round corners) Matt Gold (round corners)
Matt Silver (round corners)  


2. Choose the position for your logo or organisation name:



3. Choose whether to include surnames:

With Surname:
No Surname:


4. Choose the type style for your name:

All Capitals:
Surname in Capitals:
First name in capitals:


5. Choose the font for your name:

  San Serif (Arial):
Serif (Times New Roman):
Script (Lucida Calligraphy):
Rounded (Pump):
Casual (Forte):
Condensed (Gill Sans):
Antique (Edwardian):
Bold (Cooper):


6. Choose the type of fastening that would you like?

Magnet (won't damage clothes):


7.  Let us know how you would like us to contact you:

Your Name:
Your Company:
How should we contact you? Phone (Australia only)
(If by phone) Your Phone Number:
(If by email) Your eMail Address:


8. Click the "Send" button to let us know your choices and we'll get back to you to organise your artwork and give you a firm price estimate as soon as possible:



Unless you request otherwise, we will ship your order by Australia Post. Orders are usually shipped within three working days of being received. We currently ship only to Australia.



After we receive your order, we will produce a proof which we will send to you by e-mail.  If you are happy with the proof, we ask that you forward payment so that we can complete and ship your order. (If you have a  repeating requirement, we may be able to arrange credit terms for subsequent orders.)

Payment may be by credit card, direct deposit, cheque or money order. We will send you full details with your proof.

For any queries or special requirements, email:  sales @ idoid.com



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